Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fabric vase with silk ribbon flowers

This is the project that really got me started doing silk ribbon embroidery.

It started out with a simple group project that I decided to modify to my liking and it ended up with this big vase full of flowers. One could say that I really got carried away with my little roses.

I had a bit of a problem at one point as my flowers seemed to be just sitting on my vase. I discussed this issue with a few of my friends and one of them (Elsie) came out with the solution of that long stem coming down on the left side of the vase and I also added some little ones in front here and there and this is the end result.

My friend Terry has been working at finishing it as a pillow for me after it has been sitting in my drawer for months and months. It should arrive home next week if all goes well and I will be able to enjoy it :-)

Pierrette =^..^=

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Stitching Kitty Kat said...

The photo does not do justice to this lovely project I feel so lucky that I have actually seen it and it has been much admired by my family