Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Morning After, an Anne Stradal design & the Brillante Weblog Award

Now that I have completed Gay Ann's Mystery in a Corner, which was so much fun to stitch, I will start working on a pair of Christmas designs from ABS Designs. Why Christmas designs, again in July? Simply because the temperature is close to 100°F outside and I need something to cool me down in addition to the air conditioning which on some days just can't keep up with the demand.
I love the Christmas season, but I have found lately that I don't always have the time and/or energy to get all my Christmas decorations from the attic down two floors below and spend approximately two days, on and off, putting them all up and then of course taking another two days to take them off after the holidays and bringing them back up to the attic, but I still want to have Christmas decorations in my house, otherwise it just does not feel like Christmas, does it?
My solution to this little problem is that I now want to stitch more and more Christmas projects that I can either frame myself like with the flat-fold method or a stand-up, or ...... and just get them out during the Christmas season whenever I don't feel like spending days decorating, spread them all around my house and voilà, the Christmas ambiance without having to spend all that time decorating. With these two designs in particular, I am thinking about framing them like if they were some family portraits that you display on any surface in your home. Well, Santa is a dear old friend, isn't he? He sure has spoiled me during all these past Christmasses :-)
I selected these two designs, The Morning After and The Night Before, because I have always wondered what these two did on Christmas day and now I know, thanks to Anne (grinning). Santa is having a well deserved rest and his dear wife is knitting. Why is she not embroidering, I wonder..................... Might be a cold weather thing, Santa must need a good warm scarf, probably more than one, actually, but I disgress.
This photo below has been stitched by Anne Stradal and was borrowed to put on my blog today with her permission as I have not yet started working on mine, but will slowly start today. I have got most of my threads, enough anyway to get started.

[The Morning After: Photo stitched by Anne Stradal]


On another note, I had the honor of receiving the Brillante Award, twice actually in the last few days. The first time was from Rengin who lives in Turkey, for which I have already thanked her and this morning from Laura for which I am very grateful.

I will need a few days to get my ducks in a row and come up with my own list of blogs I enjoy visiting.
Pierrette =^..^=