Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wintertide: Small corner flowers added

Moving along with Wintertide. Just added the four corner flowers with vines. As I am working this project, I have decided to make a second one a bit later using a different fabric and threads as I am not 100% happy about the outcome of this one. It looks good, I think, but it could be so much better. My fabric has uneven threads, which is a no no when you are doing hardanger. Not sure what I was thinking when I selected it (not thinking perhaps!). I had problems with the thread suggested, so switched to DMC Perle, which was not quite the proper size for this piece. I am telling you, big learning curve on this one. I need to use the appropriate fabric and thread for the task at hand next time around. Oh well, I suppose we can't win them all :-(
I will now "attack" the kloster blocks and hopefully only cut the right threads and weave the bars. Let's see what happens next!
Pierrette =^..^=