Thursday, March 29, 2007

Little English Cottage received as a gift from my best friend Terry

I had the pleasure to make a few trips to England, but unfortunately it was before I met Terry who lives there. While sightseeing across the country I saw those gorgeous cottages and I absolutely fell in love with them. Whenever I was thinking of what I would like to have if I could have that "special" house/home, I was thinking of them.
Terry and I often talked about them and she had already stitched three of them for herself and decided that she would stitch one for me and she made this very beautiful one as a birthday gift. It did not take us long after I received it to bring it to our framer and have her do her magic again with Terry's beautiful cottage and here is the result.
I have it hanging on a wall in my office/stitching room. It is on the wall opposite one of the window and the light reflecting on it makes it almost seems like it is real and someone is actually living there. That someone is "me" when I daydream :-)
Pierrette =^..^=

Beginner's Hardanger EGA GCC designed by Marion Scoular

This is an EGA GCC (group correspondence course) that I have recently taken with the EGA CyberStitchers group. It is a beginner's hardanger course designed and written by Marion Scoular. The design size is approximately 8 ¾" square and stitched on a 22 count hardanger fabric.

Marion Scoular's instructions to me were the best. There were things that I had not been able to understand with the help of hardanger books like the ones written by Janice Love which are very good, but for some reason there were things that I just could not get, but after reading Marion Scoular's instructions I got right away. One example are the picots. I hated them before because I was not able to do them properly and now it is a real pleasure to do them. I always find it so interesting to see the different styles of teaching and what works for each person. I would certainly recommend that course to anyone who would like to learn how to do hardanger properly.

I have finished my project as a pillow using a 14" square pillow form.

Pierrette =^..^=

The Shambles York (Framed)

I have posted during the week of 01/21/07 - 01/28/07 a photo of my finished "The Shambles York" and then sent it to my framer. This is what she did with it.

A few web sites that talk about the Shambles York:

Pierrette =^..^=

Memory Pillow Crazy Quilt Style given to me by my best friend Terry

Terry wanted to make something that would have special meaning for me so she thought of making a "Memory Pillow" crazy quilt style. She asked me for some black and white photos that had lots of meaning to both my husband and myself, so I sent her a bunch of them by email. She chose 7 amongst them, which we particularly love. She then proceeded to embellish the pillow crazy quilt style, stitched a beautiful lace all around it and sent to me.
I absolutely adore that pillow and what makes it so dear to me is the fact that most of the people we hold dear in our lives are now gone, but certainly not forgotten. With this very thoughtful gift that Terry has made for me, now I can look at these photos and remember how it used to be.
Many thanks to you, Terry, for thinking of this and creating something this special for us :-)
Pierrette =^..^=

Under the Sea Needlecase: Received in a group exchange

I had the pleasure to receive this gorgeous little needlecase in a group exchange done on a Crazy Quilt group that I was the co-owner at the time.
This little jewel with an "under the sea" theme was created by Elsie. This is a view showing front and back of the needlecase.
I like to keep my embroidery needles in different needlecases depending on what they are used for. I have put my Brazilian embroidery needles in that case because she does lots of Brazilian embroidery so it would be easy for me to remember what kind of needles are in this one and there are also a few other needles for some special projects.
Pierrette =^..^=

Blue Bouquet: Hardanger

I believe that this was my very first hardanger project. I had purchased this kit from Nordic Needle called "Blue Bouquet" designed by Rosalyn K. Watnemo. I think that they are still selling it on the web site of Nordic Needle at as well as others.

I finished it as a little decorative pillow. The stitched design size is about 6 inches all around.

Pierrette =^..^=

Lace Ribbons: Pillow

I have already posted earlier (a post that was made during the week of 10/15/06 - 10/23/06) a photo of this blackwork project and am now adding this new one after I finished as a flat pillow.
This is a Dakota Rogers EGA GCC (group correspondence course).
Pierrette =^..^=

Crazy Quilt Needlecase

While I was part of a crazy quilt group I made this needlecase. It was a design by Peggy White of New Zealand.

The project was originally made for a little purse, but since I felt that I would probably never use it, I decided to finish it as a needlecase instead. It is bigger than my other needlecases so I can store lots and lots of needles in it.

Here is a link to her website where you can see the little purse in question:

Pierrette =^..^=

Stitching Accessories trio: Gift that was made for me by my very best friend Terry

This little stitching accessory trio is one that I use on a daily basis. My best friend Terry made it for me a little while back. She knows that I have always adored Brazilian embroidery so she stitched it all with BE making very tiny flowers and leaves using the smallest Edmar threads on some silk dupioni fabric. It is really gorgeous and quite useful as she made the needlebook, pincushion and scissor fob. The bright color of the fabric also makes it easy to spot no matter how much stuff I have on my stitching table :-)
Pierrette =^..^=

Little Angel: Gift that was made for me by Jill

I used to co-own a crazy quilt group and one of our member made this wonderful little angel in a smaller size to go on some miniature knickers that a few of us were making as a big joke for my friend Terry who lives in England. When I saw it, I immediately fell in love with it and wanted to know how to make one and Jill offered to make one (bigger size) for me. I could not wait to see it upclose and I was not disappointed when it arrived a few days later at my house. It has been hanging on a wall where I do my stitching ever since :-)
Pierrette =^..^=

Little treasures

I was looking at all the lovely things this morning that were stitched by some of my friends over the years and I thought that it would be really nice to add some of them on my blog for all of us to enjoy :-)

Pierrette =^..^=