Saturday, May 24, 2008

Old Country: What a wonderful exciting stitching trip I just had :-)

I am doing a Happy Dance as I am typing this as I have just finished stitching Old Country and what a wonderful stitching adventure it was with all those fun stitches that I rarely ever have the opportunity to use.
I made a few close-ups for some of the fun stitches that Jim included in this project. This one here is called a Walneto motif. Isn't it just beautiful. If you have Jean Hilton's book called "Stimulating Stitches", you will find some good explanations with little charts, which may help you along if you are having problems grasping how it is done.

This one below includes some large crescent motifs and inside you find big and small Jessicas, which we all know by now that Jim is very found of them and no wonder as they do make a statement. At first I was not all that crazy about them, but since I had to do some in all 10 ornaments completed so far, Jessicas and I have become quite good friends now :-)

I now need to clean up a bit after myself as there are threads all over the place and decide what I will tackle next. Will it be Windows into my Heart or More Options in Hardanger or Terra Rosa or Shalimar or doing the finishing for Tara or the brazilian rose or .................... (big grin)
You will all find out on my next post, including myself (ROFL).
Pierrette =^..^=