Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Here's My Heart Scissors Sheath

I had purchased that kit a while back from Vintage Vogue and decided it was time for me to tackle this project.

I must say that the instruction pages that come with this kit are extremely well done with plenty of photos. I was really impressed. Janet Stauffacher really makes it easy for us to make this project and I enjoyed myself.

This kit came with a little pair of French scissors which will be great to have around. You can never have too many pairs of scissors.

I have included a photo (above) that shows the little scissors attached to its sheath through a beaded loop and here below when the scissors are tucked in the sheath.

The three-bead edge that goes around the sheath can also be seen here though Janet explains it very nicely in her instructions.
It is now time for me to think of another project as I don't feel quite ready to go back to my needlepoint. One morning I will get up and feel like doing only needlepoint and will then continue on my already started needlepoint projects, plenty to choose from :-)
Pierrette =^..^=