Friday, October 20, 2006

Keepsakes: Bookmark

The Australian magazine called "Inspirations" is the one I actually love the best. I have managed to purchase every copy from the very beginning. I have since subscribed to the magazine to make sure I don't miss any upcoming issues.

I was thinking recently that it is one thing to have all this "inspiration" and quite another to start making some of those wonderful projects, so since I love to read, I decided to make this lovely bookmark. The project was in the issue #50 on pages 58 through 63. Here is a link to the magazine: and if you click on the magazine itself to make it bigger, you can actually see the little bookmark.

I used silk dupion in one of my favorite colors and found some lovely silk ribbons that matched nicely with the fabric. It was quite easy to make and did not take all that much time.

Pierrette =^..^=

The Dodecagon Series Ornaments

I have recently started stitching a series of ornaments designed by Jim Wurth and called the Dodecagon Series Ornaments. This is actually my first experience in participating in an ornament club. I first saw a bit of advertisement in the ANG Needle Pointers, July 2006 issue on page 17, showed it to my husband and asked him what he thought of them. He liked them very much and I made the decision to register for the series. There will be 12 of them and I will be receiving one every two months. They are all 12-sided designs, measure 5 inches in diameter and are all uniformly shaped according to the information I have received so far.

I have started stitching the first one which is called Coronation (ornament in the middle of the photo on the group site). I will put a photo of each ornament as I complete them. There is a photo of 3 of the ornaments on the group site.

There is a group that has been formed especially to discuss these ornaments and help each others. For those interested here is the group link:

Pierrette =^..^=

Victorian Heart Pincushion

This Victorian heart pincushion was designed by Karen Kraus for Moonspun Designs. They were designed after some Victorian pincushions and use some vintage techniques according to the description on their website. They can either be used as a pincushion or even as ornaments for the holiday season, which would look smashing in a Christmas tree.

If someone is interested in this one and/or others, you can see them on this site:

They were much fun to make and did not take too much time either.

Pierrette =^..^=


Cats is an ABS Designs and was hand painted by Anne Stradal. You can see the actual design on her web site

The first time I saw this design I immediately thought of my very good friend Terry because we have been joking around a lot about her using her broom and flying all the way to the USA from UK as the price of petrol as they call it overthere is very expensive. She also has two black cats, making the design perfect for us.

I wanted to surprise her and bring a smile on her face at a time when she was not feeling all that well and I stitched it for her. This was my first painted canvas that I actually stitched from start to finish. I have a few more that have been started but are still sitting in my pile of UFOs.

I finished it as a door hanger for her and she has actually suspended it on her stitching lamp so that she can see it all the time.

When Anne saw it completed she asked me if I wanted her to add it to her Guest Gallery and here it is:

This is one project that I think I had a grin on my face from start to finish while trying to imagine Terry's face when she would actually receive it :-)

Pierrette =^..^=

Portuguese Needlework Pillow

Someone at my LNS thought me how to stitch that lovely Portuguese pillow.

The design came directly from the book called "Portuguese Needlework Rugs: the Time-Honored Art of Arraiolos Rugs Adapted for Modern Handcrafters" written by Patricia Stone. If you have the book, the photo of the pillow I have stitched is on page 104.

Stitching this Portuguese pillow was a wonderful experience.

Pierrette =^..^=


Daydreams is a Sular Design for Rainbow Gallery (1991) and the finished size is 6" by 10".

It was stitched on 18 mesh mono canvas (I believe the color was Eggshell) and I used some Overture, Neon Rays, Pebbly Perle and Cresta d'Oro threads to stitch it.

There were several color suggestions offered like Fall/Earth Tone, Pink/Blue Pastel and Peach/Green Pastel and I went with the first one as I love the Earth tone colors.

When I brought the project to my finisher, she suggested that I had it put in a Sudberry Tea Tray, which I did. Here is the link where you can see the different trays:

Pierrette =^..^=

Christmas Remembered

First photo shows A Christmas Remembered framed and the second one shows a close-up view.

Christmas Remembered is a lovely design by Susan Johnson. On a visit to my LNS I saw this project all stitched on the counter of the shop and I immediately loved it and wanted to stitch it.

According to Susan Johnson, Christmas Remembered was inspired by the hand-made miniature packages grouped around the base of the tree.

The finished size of this project is approximately 8.5" by 11" and has been stitched on white deluxe mono canvas Zweigart #18. They were selling various little package kits to put under the tree and I chose this particular assortment of packages.

Pierrette =^..^=