Friday, October 20, 2006

The Dodecagon Series Ornaments

I have recently started stitching a series of ornaments designed by Jim Wurth and called the Dodecagon Series Ornaments. This is actually my first experience in participating in an ornament club. I first saw a bit of advertisement in the ANG Needle Pointers, July 2006 issue on page 17, showed it to my husband and asked him what he thought of them. He liked them very much and I made the decision to register for the series. There will be 12 of them and I will be receiving one every two months. They are all 12-sided designs, measure 5 inches in diameter and are all uniformly shaped according to the information I have received so far.

I have started stitching the first one which is called Coronation (ornament in the middle of the photo on the group site). I will put a photo of each ornament as I complete them. There is a photo of 3 of the ornaments on the group site.

There is a group that has been formed especially to discuss these ornaments and help each others. For those interested here is the group link:

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