Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Flower Vase Pillow

This is a silk ribbon project that I have made some time ago and I have only just now finished it. I had plenty of help though.
I need to say first that my sewing machine is not working very well and also that I have not had any experience in making pillows, so I turned to my good friend Terry who lives in England and asked her if she would not mind finishing it for me. We both thought at the time that her own sewing machine was working relatively fine, but it turned out that she also had problems with it and she ended up making the pillow by hand, which was much more work than we both anticipated it would be.
She sent it back to me and all I had to do is go to the store and purchase a pillow frame, slide it inside and then sew by hand the bottom part of the pillow and voilà the end result :-)
It now sits proudly on my bed.
Thanks, Terry, for all your help. I owe you one for all your hard work :-)
Pierrette =^..^=