Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This is a little crewel project that I recently stitched. I saw that wonderful little kit on the Jenny June website and just had to have it. That site went out of business very recently.The design is called "Edwina Gorey" and it comes from The Sampler Needlework.It has a little notation to explain what the project is all about. It says about "Edwina Gorey": Our heroine reflects an earlier time when mourning samplers became the fashion. Her distress is still felt today but for a different reason. Her every fiber cries out .. "but you don't understand, I can't do anymore!" Her name owes a debt to Edward Gorey.The stitches used in this project are stem, chain, detached chain, satin and bullion and it came with Appleton crewel yarn.Pierrette =^..^=http://community.webshots.com/user/sunshineplus

I was looking for a small gift that I could make for one of my good friend as a thank you gift for all her kindnesses. She had told me at one point in time that she did not have any pincushions and I thought that she would probably enjoy getting something like that.

I remembered having seen that lovely pincushion in one of the Australian Inspirations magazine, more precisely the #50 issue, pages 74 to 79.
I was also able to find a link where there was a wonderful steps-by-steps instructions explaining very clearly how to make this pumpkin shape, so if anyone else is interested in creating something similar to mine, that should make things easier for them. Here is the link for that tutorial .

I was also told by Margaret H. that there is also another free tutorial which is a lovely Periwinkle pincushion designed by Jan Kerton .

I have just received a message from my friend today letting me know that she had just received it and absolutely adores it :-)

Happy pincushion making, everybody!

Pierrette =^..^=

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My first blog

Today is Tuesday October 17, 2006 and is the beginning of my keeping a blog.

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