Saturday, November 01, 2008

CYBERPOINTERS is now a reality

November 1st 2008, CyberPointers is now a reality! I know many of us have been wondering if it would ever come to be, but this is Happy Times for all of us as ANG now has its own internet chapter, thanks to all the hard work done by the committee members. There were lots of ups and downs during these past two years and I have had the pleasure as part of this committee to see everyone pitch in to make this a reality, but the bulk of the work, and there was a lot of it to be done, has been done by the people who have been selected to be members of the board and they have my greatest gratitude for never giving up and bringing this to reality for all of us.
I have gone and retrieved my cup and saucer as this will now be the way to go, sitting comfortably at home, enjoying all the advantages that our new cyber chapter will offer us and sipping a good cup of something :-)

To all of you who are interested in joining or thinking about it, just click on CyberPointers and you will find all information needed on how to join us.
Why should you join? Here is what says Elizabeth, our first Cyberpointers' president:

Ten Reasons to Join CyberPointers.

10. A place on the web to meet stitchers and chat about everything needlepoint.

9. Save gas money and help make the world a little greener by joining in meetings right in your own home via computer.

8. Get extra stitching time by not having to drive to a chapter meeting.

7. Fun fundraising projects that include some original designs for the chapter.

6. Join in a group correspondence course and have some friends to stitch with and motivate you to finish.

5. No longer have to be a MAL just because there aren't any chapters near-by.

4. Global community outreach projects that will give you a chance to make the world a better place just by stitching.

3. Access to the Chapter Project Book projects, just like any other chapter.

2. Jim Wurth is teaching the first workshop starting in March.

1. We've all waited 2 long years for this ... so let's all show National that we really meant it when we said we wanted a cyber chapter!

So come join CyberPointers now!
Pierrette =^..^=