Sunday, March 02, 2008

Spring Bouquet Tissue Holder

I had a bit of a strange week and have not done all that much stitching. After Tara, I looked through some of my magazines and books for one day and then another day and another day for my next small project and found quite a few that I would like to work on but specially one that I really liked, so got myself all ready (fabric, tracing, etc.) only to realize that I did not have the threads that I needed, so had to put that project aside until I receive the threads, which have now been ordered.

While going through the magazines and books I saw this tissue holder and thought that it would be quite practical to keep my tissues clean in my purse, so decided to give it a go. The last few days have been really dark (overcast) and when I selected the threads for this project, they looked fine but when I started stitching with them, I did not like them, so did a bit of frogging and redone part of it with new shades of the same colors.

I have finally managed to finish my tissue holder on a wonderful sunny day with temperatures outside around 70, so rushed to take a couple of photos. The first photo above is without the tissues and the second photo below with a little pack of tissues inside.

Almost forgot to mention that this design is from Angela Watson of Queensland that I found in an Inspirations magazine. They have so many wonderful projects in those magazines that I am sure that I could be perfectly happy if I were to take all my projects from them. Well, maybe not, as they are mostly embroidery and I like to do a bit of this and a bit of that as you must all know by now if you had a look at my blog in its entirety (big smile)

I am now hoping that I will soon receive my threads so that I can get started on the project that I initially wanted to work on which is not a big project so that should not take too long to complete. In the meantime, will need to decide what project I feel like working on. While I am thinking about that, will go outside take a bit of sun before it goes away, AGAIN.

Pierrette =^..^=