Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mystery in a Corner: Second series of photos

I have been hard at work those past few days stitching and taking photos of each section.
Lots of little decisions along the way about selecting colors. It will be so much fun to be able to go back to these photos after the project has been completed and play the "what if" game. What if at this step or that step of the project, I had chosen this color or that color instead of this or that one, then it would have affected all the following choices and I would have ended up with a very different outcome. Would I have liked it more, less or the same?
In order to refresh our memories, I am including the link to the first series of photos and then we can continue with these.
On this photo I have just added a second row in my border.

Then, I proceeded to make the border that is separating all these sections making 9 sections, a bit like playing Tic Tac Toc.

Followed by another dividing band using green, again. We are now starting to have lots of green.

Adding a row of blue on four sides, which puts a little more emphasis on the blue and a little less on the green ....

Adding some additional blue on four sides again .....

And still a little more blue with a touch of topaz inside the partial Scotch stitch pattern ....

Oups, adding a little more green, making us notice the green more, again ....

On this photo, I have added a little bit of orange color that is part of my Watercolour thread in order to tie things up a bit with the center section ....

A little more blue after that ....

And I find myself again adding some green ...

This is it for now until I receive the second part of this project, the part that is a "mystery" to all of us, except Gay Ann or we would all be in big trouble (grinning).
When I look at this last photo, I can see that all divisions are in green, important elements of the design are in blue and also a bit of yellow-orange has been added to give it a bit of zing.
I am really happy with all the colors that I have been using. I think that this particular shade of blue and green are my very favorite and I have always loved yellow and orange in moderation, making this project an especially fun learning experience for me.
Will continue with this project as soon as I get the second part, so don't go away (smiling).
Pierrette =^..^=