Friday, April 22, 2011

Goals about this blog and my other blogs

Hi everyone!

A bit of information about what is going on with my blogs.

Love to Stitch was my very first blog. It was made private until today. I have reopened it after removing some of my private stuff from it, so that the information becomes available to you again.

When I made this blog private, I was rather exhausted and the last thing I wanted back then was to continue blogging. Many months later, after receiving many requests from some of you, I decided to start a new blog, which in my mind would be more of a photoblog, concentrating more on photos and giving at first only the basic information about each project. I had the idea of having one completed project per blog entry, making it easier to see a project from start to finish. This blog is called Pierrette's Stitching Gallery. I intend to keep that blog going and add completed projects. I still need to blog Anasazi Dream by Carole Lake.

A photoblog with one complete project per blog entry is a nice concept, but it also has its own limitation, so I recently started a new blog with Wordpress this time around. It is called My Stitching World. On this latest blog I just blog normally on anything that is related to my stitching world, but not on a daily basis, as my hectic life, at times, just does not permit me to do so, but whenever I have stitched enough on any particular project or have something special to show you, then I do so.

I think I have pretty much covered it. Hope I did. If not, questions are welcomed.

Happy weekend and Happy Easter!

Pierrette =^..^=