Friday, August 03, 2007

Little Miniature knickers for Terry as a joke

Well, I have just managed to find all those lovely little knickers that we had made for our British friend, Terry, as a big joke as I was saying in my last blog entry :-)

Those miniature knickers were made by the following members of our little group. From top to bottom and left to right: First row: Pierrette & Kerry; Second row: Elaine, Linda F. and Denise; Third row: Jackie Y., Jill and Catharine.

I think that we all got carried away a bit with how we saw "knickers" for Terry but we sure had a ball making them :-)

Terry was supposed to somehow frame them all together, so not sure if it has been done or not, but I am sure that she had lots of fun receiving them and perhaps has used a pair or two since then as I keep teasing her mercilessly :-D

Pierrette =^..^=

ATCs: Secret Knicker Gang - 2005

I was looking at some of my photos the other day and found this little series of ATCs that were made sometimes during the year of 2005.
It had all started with a joke concerning my good friend Terry. I am a big teaser and she often said to me that she almost peed in her knickers (being from dear old England), so the idea came from that. A little group of friends decided to make her little miniature knickers as a joke and we had the best of time making them and joking amongst ourselves.
Anyway, we kept talking about dropping the knickers at the post office and I guess you see me coming with this and this little series of ATCs were made for me from this little group of friends going all the way from dropping knickers to going to prison.
The names of those who made the ATCs from top left to right going down are: Elaine, Jackie Y., Linda F. Jill, Catharine, Denise and Kerry.
I will have to dig up the little knickers that we all made for Terry and post them on my blog next. I am sure they are in some of my files somewhere :-)
Pierrette =^..^=