Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bargello Symphony

Bargello Symphony is actually Mystery #8 of a series designed by Loretta Spears.

Both Terry and myself had purchased the pattern a couple years back and had just put it in our pile of UFOs.

This project was always in the back of my mind and I knew that one day I was going to stitch it. Ever since I had seen it on the ANG website at it had been love at first sight :-)

Terry and I started chatting one day and we both decided that it was time for us to stitch it and what better way then stitch it together so we could encourage and help each other along the way. It turned out that we needed both during the time it took us to complete it.

There are 6 lessons in this Mystery project and if I recall right it took us about 5 to 6 weeks to complete, working exclusively on this project.

The background was especially long to stitch with all those "Victorian steps", but we were both determined to bring this project to a conclusion and we both did :-)

Pierrette =^..^=


Stitching Kitty Kat said...

A great reminder of 2006, this was a real labour of love and so much hard work went into it, the end result was amazing and well worth all the blood sweat and tears

LovetoStitch99 said...

......... and you should know as you were my partner in crime (lol)

A good thing that we were both there to push each others when the going got rough :-)