Thursday, February 26, 2009

One finishing done, how many more to go?

Yesterday, I decided that it was high time for me to start working on doing some finishing so started with an end-of-term examination ornament that I made using the same threads that I had used for Gay Ann Rogers' Mystery in a corner.
For this one I decided to use the book called Sandy's Finishing Touches by Sandy Higgins and went for a hard ornament finish but with a single mat board method instead of double mat board method. You can find out all the information in her book on page 34. Then I made two different cordings, a small one to hang the ornament at the top and a bigger one for all around the ornament and finally made a knot at the bottom and that created the tassel, method I had learned on a cyberclass taken with Carole Lake.
I should probably now be good and continue to do a bit of stitching on Hollyhock House before tackling another finishing as I will soon be getting another monthly assignment.
Pierrette =^..^=


tintocktap said...

Beautiful work! Well done and good luck with the rest of your finishing!

NCPat said...

Very nice! Why is it so much more fun to stitch them than to finish them? LOL

Terry said...

This is really pretty and I love the subtle colours, you will have to do a hunt for a pretty ornament tree to hang all your ornaments on so that you can see them all the year round instead of just at Christmas

Lisa said...

Too pretty! Love the way you finished it.

Odette said...

It has turned out very nice. The finishing is good. It shows that all these classes we take come together.