Sunday, August 31, 2008

Peace Tree: Dodecagon Ornament Series by Jim Wurth

Peace Tree is the 11th of the Dodecagon Ornament Series designed by Jim Wurth that I have received so far. The 12th and last one should arrive sometimes in November, ending that lovely series.
Jim said that he wanted to make at least one ornament that would have a Christmas theme to it and this one is it. The design took me a little by surprise when I saw it first and did not know what to think of it really, but now that I have started working on it, I am slowly changing my mind about it.
All Jim's ornaments look much better from upclose as he uses a lot of metallic threads, which is so difficult to make all that sparkle stand out when taking photos, at least when I am taking them.
I was supposed to be working on some other projects, but ever since I got so behind in stitching that series at the beginning and finally managed to catch up after stitching one after another, I promised myself that I would work on each one of them as soon as I would receive them, so temporarily put aside the main project I was working on in order to start working on it, though I have done it at a very slow pace.
I have added a photo showing a close-up of that first section. Oups, just realized that I have forgotten to add the beads inside the small jessicas :-(

I have started working on Angelina, my latest blackwork project, but I feel that I have not done enough to take a photo. Will do as soon as I have a little more done to make it interesting for you all :-)
Better go back to my forgotten beads before I continue working on the rest of it.
Pierrette =^..^=


Terry said...

Looks very different to the others and I look forward to seeing the different stages especially as its a Christmas theme, when I first read the description I thought it said Peach Tree and wondered what a Peach Tree would signify for Christmas I then cleaned my specs and read it again and see its Peace and not Peach. Does the canvas sparkle or is that just an illusion.

I love Chrismas themed projects and this will go well with Santa an his wife

NCPat said...

It is very different, but also very pretty. I look forward to seeing this progress.

Karol said...

Very pretty. Looking forward to the finished piece.

Love to Stitch 99 said...


Yes, the canvas is eggshell and gold, quite pretty, mostly for a Christmas ornament.

Pierrette =^..^=