Monday, April 28, 2008

More Options .... in Hardanger: Motifs completed

Again, I have scanned instead of taking a photo as it comes out a bit better. The only drawback is that the photo is split in two sections. It is either that or a not so good photo :-(
I am so happy that I have completed everything except the fillings. This project is much bigger than Options in Hardanger that I have done just before this one. Since the last photo posted, I have done all the motifs and also the little diamonds inside the bigger ones in preparation for the fillings.
I have also ordered the bell pull hardware yesterday. I will add a photo when I receive it.
I think that I will now concentrate on some other projects for a few days as I feel that I need a break from this right now.
Have also been slowly reading during the evenings Crewel World ... where murder in a small town keeps one smart lady on pins and needles, a book written by Monica Ferris (63 pages read out of 243, not too bad). I love to have something to read and it is the first time that I read a book where the story involves our stitching world, which makes it really enjoyable :-)
Pierrette =^..^=


Terry said...

This is turning out beautifully and is really pretty, you have made a good choice of colours, knowing what your bell pull will metal work looks like I am looking forward to seeing it on the finished project

M&Co. said...

Oh that's wonderful! I love hardanger using overdyed threads.

Doris said...

ooh is beautiful!