Saturday, April 04, 2009

Soldier Kissing Pillows: Geraldine Trappey, designer

Stitching Guild Chapter members around the country like ANG and EGA and perhaps others too have been and are still stitching these little "Soldier Kissing Pillows" and our new Cyberpointers chapter, which I am a member of, has also embarked in this project by adopting a battalion that is due to deploy later this year.
I have committed myself to stitching 6 of these little pillows and this is the first one, so 5 more to go :-) They take approximately 3 hours each to make I was told, but since I am a slow stitcher, it is taking me a bit longer than that, but it may be because it was my first one. I may be able to get my act together after this first one and gain some speed. Let's hope so :-)
What made me want to participate in this project is what I read about it. Here it goes:

"These hand-stitched little pillows are designed to be used as a keepsake for the children and loved ones left behind by the soldiers departing for service of the United States of America. The soldier should kiss the pillow and give one to each of his or her loved ones to hold onto until he or she returns from war."

and then it says:

"We hope the pillows will be a comfort during the lonely times both for the family and for the soldier. They were lovingly stitched with gratitude for your service to our country by ...........(here goes the name of the chapter)".
I will be stitching the others in between other projects as I usually do not stitch multiple of the same project, but this is for a very good cause so I felt that I just had to stitch them.
Pierrette =^..^=

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Terry said...

This has turned out really well, I love the effect of the stars.

So its now 1 down 5 to go of your little mini production line, hope the rest of them stitch up as quickly and smoothly