Monday, July 28, 2008

Mystery in a Corner: Part 2 (Corners)

This is part 2 of Mystery in a Corner, a Gay Ann Design that I have started working a while back and had to put aside while waiting for the "mystery sections" (parts 2 and 3).
You may want to refresh your memory by having another look at the first part which has been posted in two separate blog entries, the first one here followed by the second one.
I chose this particular watercolor thread because I love all 3 main colors: light blue, soft green and a bit of yellow-orange. Pam from Tomorrow's Heirlooms picked the other threads derived from my first selection. When I received the threads, even if I loved all the shades, I soon realized that I liked blue more, so my goal has been to make blue stand out a bit more, though it is difficult to do so because all the separating borders are green, but that has not stopped me from trying. I will only know if I have succeeded in my quest when the project has been completed, which hopefully should be in a couple of days from today.
Again, I have taken the time to take a picture after each color added in order to be able to analyze my thread selection at each step.
The first photo here shows the first line being added in each color which is a Kreinik blue braid. This is also starting to change the shape of the project.

On this second photo, I have just added a second Kreinik metallic thread, this one being topaz in color. It is a color that looks very close to the green I am using in this project, so we don't see a lot of difference between the greens and the topaz.

Now, for the 3rd photo, I have just added my Watercolor thread (Woodlands), trying to repeat more or less the same colors that I have used in the center by manipulating it, not always an easy thing to do.

In this 4th photo, I have just added my blue Kreinik thread.

5th photo shows my metallic topaz being added.

On this 6th photo, we can see some green being added, going the other directions. This is the same color thread that I have used to stitch all the different borders.

Photo 7th: I decided to use my blue Kreinik to do the other little vertical line.

Photo 8 shows additional rows using my Watercolor thread, using mostly yellow-orange colors this time around.

Photo 9 shows another line of blue metallic thread.

In photo 10, I have just added some Impression thread, blue in color covering previous rows of stitches. I made the decision from the start to use some blue metallic with that instead of using the topaz, a decision that I may or may not regret later. Will see!

In this last photo, we can see the corner all completed after adding some blue tails using my blue Kreinik.

We are having an overcast day this morning and this photo is a bit darker. I will make sure to take an especially good photo after completing the 4 sections inside the corners. Then, and only then, will I be able to find out if I made the right choices along the way. When I say "right choices", I really mean did I choose the right color threads at each step along the way in order to attain the most pleasing result for me with my initial choice of threads, as what is pleasing to one person is not necessarily so for another.
I will now start working in that last part of mystery and will soon be back with more photos.
Pierrette =^..^=


Terry said...

This is a delightful and bright and springlike colour way and really refreshing, it is coming along beautifully and look forward to seeing the final part finished

NCPat said...

Very nice! You are going to have this done in no time!

Cyn said...

Hi Pierrette,

You've been very quite recently and I was wondering what you were working on... :-)

Thanks for sharing all of the pictures of Mystery in a Corner. That's a great idea to take a picture after adding each thread color!

I'm looking forward to seeing the next stages of your stitching adventure. :-)

Windy Meadow

Love to Stitch 99 said...

Hi Cynthia,

It is true, I have been rather quiet lately, but was feeling rather tired and had not been stitching much. When I restarted, I picked up MIAC and worked on it until it was all done.

Pierrette =^..^=