Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Desire - stitching part done and hunting for cabochons with rim sets starts in earnest

I have now completed the stitching part of Desire, #13 of Susan Portra's Cabochon Series by adding the couching stitches to the long long tramé stitches and need to concentrate on finding the five 10mm cabochons with golden rim sets to attach to the canvas. I will also have to dig and see if I can find what appears to be 37 golden bugle beads. I know that I have some, but not sure that I have that many, but those can be found easily enough. What I am really surprised about is how difficult, if not impossible, to find the golden 10mm rim sets to attach to the canvas for the cabochons. I have been looking on different web sites and some seem to have the cabochons, but no rim sets in sight. Some designers use them so they have to be available somewhere, the question is where exactly. If I ever find some I will have to purchase a big quantity of them as I don't want to have to go hunting for them again and they really look lovely on a project and make a statement.
I must be one of the worst person to try to find something on the web as I never seem to find anything and my friend Terry finds everything she is looking for and then some, so Terry took pity on me and offered to have a look for me. Sure hope she is more successful than I have been so far.
It has been a long time since I have worked a needlepoint project that is mostly beads, but I have just the one next to me right now. It is a mini stocking called Patches of Snow, all white and gold, a Kaitlyn Marie Designs. I am thinking about this coming Christmas and this sure would look nice for my tree. I really need to work on some smaller projects as I have been involved with bigger ones lately and sure need a break. Instant gratification or almost :-)
Time to have a look at those bugle beads and keep dreaming about cabochons with rim sets :-)
Pierrette =^..^=


Terry said...

This has turned out really pretty, well done.

Have had a quick look for your Cabochon and rim sets but none found yet, but am very tired after yesterday and today so will be having an early night as am going out tomorrow for a while so will keep looking for you

NCPat said...

Also let me know. I am about 3 miles from a Michaels and will go and look if you can give me size and color.