Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shalimar: One corner completed

Wow, there was really lots of work to do in that corner, more than in the middle pannels. The other three corners are similar and also different, similar because they all have those four hearts in the middle of each losange, but the stitches involved in making them are a bit different and also the stitches surrounding the four sides of that losange are all a bit different. The 4-way continental, which I am not that crazy about, is the same though in each corner.
As I said in a previous post, I will scan each section when Shalimar is all completed so that we can see the stitches used in that entire design more clearly. With the camera, it is just not as clear as a good scan, but for that I will have to remove the canvas from the stretcher bars and I really don't want to do that each time I finish a section, so will do it at the very end and explain a bit more at that time.
I have been thinking about a discussion on blogging while stitching and I hope that everyone who feels that this is something that they would like to do won't be deterred by some of these messages.
I remember that I did things very progressively. First, I used to post photos in Yahoo photo albums of different groups that I belonged to, then I progressed to a Webshot photo album, which I still have and always keep up to date, then one day I was talking with my good friend Terry and we both decided that we were going to start blogging about our stitching and that was a couple years ago and we never looked back.
Like most people I did not have a clue how a blog worked and I am still learning stuff as I go along and that is OK with me. It would have made my life easier if I had known some of the things from the get go as whenever I learn new things I feel the need to go back through my whole blog and change things, which takes quite a bit of time, but that's me.
I remember looking at blogs at the time and writing down what I liked and disliked about the stitching blogs that I was looking at and then made a few decisions for myself. One of those decisions was to keep my blog entirely about stitching, a decision that I have stuck to till this day. Another decision I took at the time was to make sure I would have at least one photo each time I made an entry on my blog, as I am very visual and hate to read lots of entries with no photos included, but then again that is just me. I created my blog according to who I am and my likes and dislikes.
I have tried to post as much as I could since the very beginning, but do not want to put pressure on myself to do so if I can't. Blogging for me is for pleasure and it also encourages me to keep up with my stitching.
I also try to give links of where any of the projects I have stitched during those years can be located or if I can't do that, at least give the name of the designer and whatever information I have at the time so that anyone interested in stitching the same project have some basic information helping them to find it. It avoids the frustration of seeing some lovely project that I would like to stitch on a blog and having no clue as to how to find it without having to contact the blogger, which is no big deal in itself, but it makes life easier if the information is just there.
My message to anyone who is reading this post and feel like this is something that you would like to try, go ahead, give it a shot and have fun with it. If you are like me, you will learn as you go and we bloggers who have a little bit of experience are always here to give you a helping hand.
Pierrette =^..^=


Terry said...

That corner looks really pretty and you mention the 4 way continental, I hope it is not as bad as the dreaded Victorian Step Stitch ROFL.

Yes I agree blogging is easy once you start and its great to have lots of pictures to view, you however are unlike me as I am very lazy with my blog and only put finished items on it and also have a mixture of stitching and painting on mine.

Elisabeth Braun said...

Your blog journey sounds quite similar to mine!=) I too like to post photos each time, although sometimes I don't, but that's usually when I kind of 'notify' that there's nothing going on as I'm ill or something!!! Not much visual going on my language studies blog, but then one wouldn't expect it, I suppose. I did type some Chinese in this morning's post though!!!=)

NCPat said...

This is looking good! I agree with Terry about the Victorian step stitch! Loretta certainly did like that one! I find that blogging encourages me to stitch one more needle full, one more color! LOL

Love to Stitch 99 said...


Terry and I stitched that one together and I remember being very brillant and said to her, let's keep the Victorian step for later when we will have done all the rest.

What a mistake that was as by then we got stuck in a never ending stitching of the Victorian step stitch.

Loretta's instruction had said to do some at every step, but oh no, not me, just had to make life a bit harder :-)

We did managed to stitch all of them though to our immense relief. It sure helped that we were both stitching that project together as we could commiserate with each other and that seem to have helped some(ROFL)

It is one of the finished project that I cherish the most, actually.

Pierrette =^..^=