Sunday, May 18, 2008

Old Country: Dodecagon Ornament Series designed by Jim Wurth

I am doing something that I rarely do, photograph a stitch. I love this one so much together with the yummy thread colors used that I stopped everything so that I could take a photo before moving on. This stitch is called "Mistake Stitch". This stich goes over theVan Dyke stitches (the ones that are orange in color).
A while back I purchased three books written by Jean Hilton and each time that Jim Wurth uses a special stitch in his Dodecagon Ornament Series I pick up one of Jean's book and read everything I can find out about that particular stitch. The Mistake Stitch can be found in Jean's book called Jean Hilton's Needlepoint Stitches, on pages 10-11. In her book, Jean explains how this stitch came about. Jean says that in 1974, one of her students was trying to do a waffle and rather than branch out, she went up. Jean loved the stitch and called it the "mistake stitch" as the name of the student in question was also Jean. When I read that, I thought this was so interesting to see how a beautiful stitch came about.
You may also want to check Jeanne's blog as she is also working on Old Country and has more done on hers than I have on mine.
Pierrette =^..^=


meryl's musings said...

Came across your blog -- beautiful pieces of artwork. I used to do a great deal of handwork also, and loved it, but now I use a commercial embroidery machine to create. If you are interested, check out "Embroidery as Art" on my blog.

Terry said...

Interesting stitch a sort of herring bone perhaps that is what she was trying to do when it went wrong ROFL