Saturday, April 05, 2008

Gracie: Free to swim around

Feeling like doing a Happy Dance as I have just finished stitching my first stumpwork project with Gracie. This was a Ganet Burr design written for us at EGA.
All these EGA GCC can either be taken directly from EGA National or like in my case from EGA CyberStitchers.

Have added a close-up of Gracie herself. I will now have to keep an eye on her if I don't want her to stray away too far. Have not done all this work to loose her now :-(
Pierrette =^..^=


Muza said...

I followed your work during the last weeks. I admire your patience. This is gorgeous.

Jane said...

How wonderful. I've been watching Gracie growing over time, she is lovely. Well done you.

Terry said...

She looks great, I wonder if she is swimming off to meet my Gracie for a coffee (long swim across the pond)ROFL

Well done with your first Stumpwork project

Jeanne said...

Congrats! She's gorgeous - and she does look like she can just swim away. :-)

Love to Stitch 99 said...

Gracie has been a lot of work with those tiny stitches and lots and lots of them, but now that she is all done, I must say that she has been a great experience.

I had been wanting to try stumpwork for a long time and now I have done it, I will do more as it is really interesting to see a piece that has dimensions like that instead of being flat and this was certainly a lovely design for a first project.

I can't wait what my framer will do with her.

I have many projects that I will be working on. I want to continue on the needlepoint project called Terra Rosa, the one with the American native pottery vases. I also want to start another hardanger project from EGA. I do love hardanger and even more since I have been using a frame to work with as it makes the stitches so much more regular (tension) than holding the fabric in hand.

I also want to do my first appliqué project with a Bonnet Girl design.

I will also be adding little projects along the way depending on my moods as sometimes I just have to work on a special technique and nothing else will do :-)

Better go back to my stitching now. Yesterday I cleaned up my working space so that I could be ready this morning for new and/or already started projects.

Pierrette =^..^=

coral-seas said...

Absolutely beautiful. I have really enjoyed watching her develop and will miss her a little now that she is finished. You really have stitched her beautifully.


NCPat said...

This is awesome, Pierette! Beautiful job, and please do post after framing.

Clarkey said...

She is absolutely gorgeous. I have wanted to stitch Gracie but am afraid of all that stumpwork. So, I just admire your work instead.

Rissa said...

BEAUTIFUL work Pierrette!