Monday, March 17, 2008

Gracie: Stumpwork (left seaweed leaves)

Gracie is a Ganet Burr's intermediate level stumpwork design and is a course that has been written exclusively for the Group Correspondence School of the Embroiderers' Guild of America.
I have managed to stitch the three seaweed leaves on the left side of Gracie. It took me quite a bit of time just to do those three leaves. First, I needed to stitch the leaves outlines, then I filled the inside with some chain stitches and finally covered them with satin stitches. There will be a fourth leave that will be stitched later and added at the very end as that one will be stumpwork. I will now be working on the seaweed leaves that are on the right of Gracie.
I have looked around to find a photo of Gracie and found these on Rissa's web site and you have to see how she did the finishing . Isn't it just beautiful? What a wonderful idea!
Rissa is also our current president here at EGA CyberStitchers
I have also found this other photo of Gracie
Well, better go back to my stitching as there are still plenty of work to do before Gracie finds her way to the framer.
Pierrette =^..^=


NCPat said...

Very nice start!

Terry said...

Its coming along great and I look forward to seeing it progress on a daily basis ROFL.

I tried to do some stitching this evening but my hands were too stiff so will have to wait until morning to continue.

Rissa said...

The leaves look good. I also did an homage to Gracie on one of my artist trading cards. :-)

LovetoStitch99 said...


I just had a look at your little ATC with the leaves. I wish I had more time and do some too.

I am way behind in my EGA GCCs, but that is something that will soon change as I intend to start working on them, one after the other.

Ordered some threads for one which will be Crewel and the fabric for another one which will be hardanger.

You just learn so much from all these courses.

Pierrette =^..^=