Friday, July 27, 2007


I thought that I might as well unite all the pincushions that I have either made or received under one big photo as well :-)

The first top row are pincushions that came from kits. There is a Victorian Triangle which I have made for my friend Terry, then the Victorian Heart that I have kept for myself and the third one of the first top row is called Victorian Antique Ivory which I have given to Rengin as a thank you.

In the middle row, the white one on the left with silk flowers I have also made for Anne as a thank you, the middle red one I have given to Terry and the little Assisi one I kept for myself.

On the bottom row, the white and blue biscornu was a gift from Terry as well as the doggy and also the pink one with the Brazilian embroidery.

It is fun to be able to see all of them together since many have found good homes and I can't see them anymore :-(

Pierrette =^..^=


Terry said...

A lovely picture of pincushions and I am just so happy that I am the proud recipitant of two of them and just love my 'Doughnut' and it sits beside me whenever I stitch, however my pretty little Victorian triangle is just so cute and pretty I cannot bring myself to stick pins in it (lol)

Rissa said...

They are all lovely, but that bicournu is divine...terry did a fabulous job. :-)