Friday, March 02, 2007

Easter Egg Ornament "In the Garden"

This is a little Easter egg that I have just finished stitching for a group exchange. It is a painted canvas designed by Anne Stradal of ABS Designs:
I have not done many painted canvas for the simple reason that I never seem to know how to tackle them. This time around, I gave myself permission to mess with it, so I changed lots of details to make it different and fun, so I experimented with it. It turned out to be more fun than I anticipated once I got my creative juice flowing, which took a little while, I am sorry to say :-(
I have added a little bird to fill in the sky as those little bird houses were just too cute not to entice at least one bird and make it want to fly around for a closer inspection. It is free lodging after all.
I also added a little bee as they could not resist the perfume coming from all those flowers :-)
Now, I need to get my finishing books out as I have not done any finishing for some time now and finish that little bugger (lol)
Pierrette =^..^=


Meg said...

Congratulations! You did so well ... I really like the ribbon flowers. Those are one thing I really have a hard time doing. Now you can do more painted canvases without fear - you've learned the secret. Do what you want!


celeste said...

This is darling! I love the yellow and blue flowers.

Mary said...

Beautiful. I love your creativity.

Rissa said...

Wonderful work! I have a fondness for eggs and bunnies....which is hysterical since I do not celebrate Easter. LOL

Blythe said...

I'm dancing a jig for you. I paint canvases all the time - welcome to the world of canvas stitching! You did a superb job.

Terry said...

this is just so pretty and your use of silk ribbons for the flowers is inspirational keep up the good work